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PCB Manufacturing

       Yatsing electronic have been focused on high-level, high-precision PCB, Quick prototype and low to high volume PCB manufacturing, we are one of the most competitive PCB manufacturer in China.Once we get your files of PCB, our PCB engineer will looks over every design for potential mistakes. This service can’t be found at most PCB fabrication houses. Also, we follow very strict PCB manufacturing workflow to ensure the high quality delivery. With a strong, reliable quality and fast delivery, Yatsing electronic has been widely recognized by customers and the industry. We are your partner who not only provide electronic manufacturing services, but also offer after-sales service, technical service, logistic service. 

Various Types of PCB Manufacturing from Quick Turn Prototype to Medium & Mass Production

HDI PCB Manufacturing                              Buried&Blind via PCB Manufacturing                    Flexible PCB Manufacturing

♦ Aluminium PCB Manufacturing                  Rigid flex PCB Manufacturing                                Heavy copper PCB Manufacturing

Impedance PCB Manufacturing                  ♦ Carbon ink PCB Manufacturing                             Gold Finger PCB Manufacturing