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Quality Control

         Yatsing Electronics strives to continuously  exceed incremental clients’  expectations by offering electronic manufacturing services in highest quality through positive attitude of cooperation, workflow innovation and enhancing improvements.we focus on producing PCB with top quality. We have implemented the ISO9001 quality system . The perfect quality assurance system and various inspection equipments help us to monitor the whole production process, assure stability process and high quality, meanwhile, advanced instruments and technology methods have been introduced to attain continuous improvement.

Rich experience brought us a range of abilities to manage throughout process of electronics PCB manufacturer, PCB assembly (PCBA), technical analysis, prototype, volumn production and logistics. Unique sense of offering outstanding services is our label in winning international marketplace.

 We are your reliable partner of choice for printed circuit board fabrication and assembly, quick PCB& PCBA prototype,  and other quick-turn or volume manufacturing services, by our dedication to our clients with delivery of high quality of products.

Our high quality standard is achieved with the following.

♦ The process is strictly controlled on basis of higher level than ISO9001:2008 and IPC-A-610E standards
♦ Team of Incoming Material Quality Control (IQC), In-Process Quality Control (IPQC), Outgoing Quality Assurance (OQA) inspect through                  manufacturing process
♦ Extensive use of software in managing the production process 
♦ State-of-art testing equipments and tools. E.g. Flying Probe, X-ray Inspection, AOI (Automated Optical Inspector) and ICT (in-circuit testing). 
♦ Dedicated quality assurance team with failure case analysis process 
♦ Pre-check of defective products by experimental, simulation, data analysis and QC methods
♦ Choose A+ level and original materials and invest advanced facilities
♦ Promote 7S throughout the company to establish a good working environment to protect the smooth production.
♦ Analyze the critical data and compare it with determined target, keep promoting to obtain high-quality and on-time delivery rates.
♦ Continuous staff training and education.