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Contract Electronic Manufacturing

Yatsing electronic fully focusing on contract electronic manufacturing services, we offer PCB Design, high quality printed circuit board fabrication, PCB assembly and component sourcing to current global customers. We have two manufacturing plants to expand capabilities and continuously optimize our internal SOP workflows to ensure quality commitments. With a state of the art facility and modern technology, we cater to customers in a broad spectrum of industries.

 PCB Design         PCB Fabrication        PCB Assembly Services   Component Sourcing                                                       

     High speed,/multi layer/              3/3mils multilayers/HDI/              SMT & Thru-hole Mixed/0201 SMD/         All components are original

            Microwave PCB designs             impedance controlled/flexible/ENIG           Ray BGA/AOI/Rigid-Flex                       with stable quality

Our Advantages of Contract Electronic Manufacturing


Export proportion and Industry Type 

         More than 70% of our products are exported to overseas markets, serving foreign high-tech enterprises and equipment manufacturing. The company‘s products are well-developed in various regions of the world and have strong anti-risk capabilities.