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Technology Capability

          Yatsing Electronics are fully committed to become your reliable PCB & PCBA partner. We take your stands of circuit board manufacturing and assembly with an impulse of quickly launching electronic products into marketplace. At our factory, a range of circuit boards including FR-4 PCB, HDI PCB, Aluminum PCB, multilayers PCB would be perfectly handled with high quality commitment. A through-process management system of relative IQC, IPQC and OQC inspections is built internally to ensure the circuit board manufacturing in right way. 

Our specialty is not only PCB manufacturing but also PCB assembly. Our advantages are as follows:

♦ Quotation for Conventional PCB within 2 hours, urgent offer within 1 hours. 24 hours online service。
♦ Rich experiences in Conventional PCB manufacturing, professional suggestions from design stage in order to avoid any impracticable design.
♦ Support quick turn prototype to medium & mass Production
♦ No minimum order value or quantity
♦ Advanced Auotmatic Production Line and Technology
♦ Rich experience as PCB manufacturer enhances our understanding of oversea clients’ requests, especially requests from North America and              European customers.
♦ Experienced engineering team to solve Engineering question at quick time.
♦ Double check semi-finished & finished PCBs&PCBA to ensure good quality.
♦ Logistic department will ensure your PCBs to be delivered in quickest time and low shipping cost.